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U.S. Missile Strikes Strike Targets Linked To Chemical Attacks In Syria

Source: U.S. Navy / Getty

President Donald Trump ordered a missile strike against Syria after reports that forces in the country unleashed a chemical weapons attack on civilians in the war-torn nation. After taking to Twitter to say “mission accomplished,” the trending topic #SyrianStrikes offered a differing view of Trump’s otherwise celebratory stance.

The multi-national effort included the United States, France, and Britain which rained down 120 Tomahawk missiles on suspected hubs for chemical weapon production. According to the Pentagon, the strikes took out three chemical weapons sites considered to be central to the production of chemical weapons and the Trump administration has threatened further military action if chemical attacks on civilians persist.

The attack drew criticism from Iranian and Russian officials, with Russia President Vladimir Putin calling for an emergency meeting at the United Nations but it does not appear his country is preparing a counter-attack. Iran and Russia are supportive of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad despite wide-ranging reports of his harsh rule drawing criticism. It has not been immediately reported if the strikes have garnered any civilian casualties but the response online seems to suggest the strikes did not have a deep impact.

While much of the world is in step with the actions of the Trump administration, some believe he skirted international law which promoted the hashtag. We’ve collected some of the chatter below and on the following pages as the trending topic continues to rage on.

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