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President Donald Trump used his Commander-In-Chief status to launch a missile offensive against the nation of Syria in response to a recent civilian attack involving chemical weapons. The irony of this strike is that President Trump has banned Syrian refugees from the United States but launched this mission in defense of them.

From  NBC News:

The United States fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syria overnight in response to what it believes was a chemical weapons attack that killed more than 100 people.

At least six people were killed, Syria claimed, but the Pentagon said civilians were not targeted and the strike was aimed at a military airfield in Homs.

All but one of the missiles hit their intended target, one U.S. military official told NBC News. The other missile failed.

The strike completed a policy reversal for President Donald Trump — who once warned America to stay out of the conflict — and drew angry responses from Damascus and its main ally, Russia.

NBC noted in a later report that President Trump was previously disdainful of the Obama administration clashing with Syrian President Bashar Assad and shared a series of tweets supporting his former position.

President Trump issued a statement to the press Thursday night to explain his developing position on Syria.

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