J.R. Smith


We honestly hope it works out for J.R.Smith and we see him on some pro tours some time in the future. 

When you're out causing mayhem, you still better know who not to f*ck with. Case in point, a guy who bashed a car window learned this the hard way went the vehicle he wrecked turned out to belong to NBA guard J.R. Smith, who in kind blessed the vandal with the most proper of fades.

It seems there is more to the recent claims that J.R Smith is doing his wife dirty. He is now stating that they have not been together in some time.

The J.R. Smith era in Cleveland has officially come to an end. The Cavaliers waived the veteran guard after failing to facilitate a trade for him. NBA fans took to Twitter to salute the ‘Henny God’ even though — he admitted to only drinking 3 glasses of the cognac in his entire life — and […]

Last year, a publicized account of a fight between former Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach Damon Jones and player J.R. Smith ended with Jones catching a too-literal hot one. Jones confirmed that Smith indeed tossed hot soup onto him, but did confirm the pair have since patched it up.

While he doesn’t always have his eyes on the basketball J.R. Smith seems to be semi woke. The baller came to a profound realization when it came to the Pied Piper of Pee-Pee.

J.R. Smith has surrendered to the NYPD. The former New York Knicks and current Cleveland Cavaliers guard has been charged for a July incident where he allegedly hurled someone’s cell phone. 

J.R. Smith might not know the time, but one thing he’s certain of is that he’s apparently not into getting photos snapped of him in public. The Cleveland Cavaliers player allegedly took a man’s phone while in New York and tossed it after the picture was snapped and now the NYPD wants to talk to […]

The first game of the NBA Finals showdown between the reigning champs Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers was a tense and aggressive game that took a wild turn near the end of regulation. With Cavs player J.R. Smith goofing bad on a play with just seconds left on the clock and a chance […]

Maybe Supreme asked J.R. Smith to get his name popping a bit more? Probably not, but the NBA soup tosser is seen modeling the streetwear brand’s latest NBA, and Nike, collab. 

J.R. Smith was suspended one game for the most J.R. Smith of reasons. Reportedly, the Cleveland Cavaliers guard hurled a bowl of soup at an assistant coach.