Jesse Jackson Jr.

Former Illinois congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. began his 30-month sentence at a federal prison in North Carolina today (Oct. 29) for stealing $750,000 in campaign funds after a one-day delay. Jackson’s time in jail isn’t expected to be harsh, as he enters into one of the prime destinations for famous persons serving time.

After months of deliberation in a federal fraud case, former Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. was sentenced earlier today (August 14) in a Washington court to serve 30 months in prison for the misuse of $750,000 in campaign funds.

Federal prosecutors are recommending that Jesse Jackson Jr. be sentenced to four years in prison for alleged corruption. Jackson, who stepped down as Congressman earlier in the year, is accused of misappropriating $750,000 in campaign funds to cover his lavish personal expenses. 

You’d be hard pressed to find another area of the country more loyal to Jesse Jackson Jr. than Chicago. The city has been in his corner for over a decade, but with his recent admission to misappropriating funds, came a breaking point.

Jesse Jackson Jr. pleaded guilty to federal charges that he misappropriated campaign funds. His wife, Sandi Jackson, is expected to follow suit. The couple arrived at federal court in Washington D.C. this morning, initially making no statements as to how they will respond to the charges against them.

Jesse Jackson Jr. has some explaining and apologizing to do. The Justice Department has charged the former Illinois representative with fraud and conspiracy for using $750,000 in campaign funds for personal use.

Jesse Jackson Jr. has reached a plea deal with authorities stemming from an FBI probe brought on by allegations that he misused official funds. The former congressman reportedly signed the paperwork within the last several days, but authorities have yet to confirm the news.

After nearly six months away from his job, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned from Congress Wednesday (Nov. 21). A spokesperson for House Speaker John Boehner confirmed to the Associated Press, that he received Jackson’s letter of resignation, ending the 47-year-old’s political career.

U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. was re-elected to his congressional post Tuesday (Nov. 6) grabbing 63 percent of the vote in the Illinois Second Congressional District, despite being absent from the job for the last several months. Jackson has served in House of Representatives since 1995, but took a leave of absence in June for […]

Jesse Jackson Jr. has given a second statement on his well-publicized health and professional issues. The U.S. Representative has been away from his political post for several months but he wants it to be known that he’s trying to get through a tough time.

After months of silence, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has finally opened up about the state of his mental health. The Chicago native has been away from his post for several months, and was receiving treatment for bipolar disorder. Earlier in  the week came word that Jackson was being investigated by the FBI for misappropriation of official […]

Jesse Jackson Jr. is being treated for bi-polar disorder, this according to the Mayor Clinic. Jackson, is receiving treatment for bipolar II depression at the facility located in Rochester, Minn.  The clinic released a statement on his progress Monday (Aug. 13). “Congressman Jackson is responding well to the treatment and regaining his strength,” read the […]