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You’d be hard pressed to find another area of the country more loyal to Jesse Jackson Jr. than Chicago. The city has been in his corner for over a decade, but with his recent admission to misappropriating funds, came a breaking point.

The Associated Press reports that voters in the area, once willing to stand behind Jackson through infidelity, and other reputation-damaging moves, have now been met with disappointment. “He knew better; it was a very stupid thing to do,” commented 75-year-old Jeannette Reese, who voted for Jackson for years. “He and his father came to our church. I thought he was the real thing.”

Earlier in the week, Jackson, and his wife, pleaded guilty to allegations they used $750,000 in campaign money to fund lavish spending sprees. Speaking to the media outside of the courtroom, the father of two apologized asking a reporter to “Tell everybody back home I’m sorry I let ’em down.”

In retrospect, this latest chapter has proved itself to be a trying start to the year, after what was already a tough 2012, for the veteran politician. Last June, he stepped away from his job, initially not detailing the reason for the absence. A spokesperson later announced that he was suffering from bipolar disorder, and seeking treatment. After two stints in the Mayo Clinic, he turned his energy towards copping a plea with the feds, following a federal probe.

Still staying out of the spotlight, as much as possible, Jackson’s public appeal may have finally hit a dead end, but not everyone has lost faith. “A man that talented, a man that devoted to public service, a man who’s done so much for so many, has another day,” noted Jackson’s attorney, Reid Weingarten.“There will be another chapter in Jesse Jackson’s life.”

Next week, voters will head to the poll to choose Jackson’s successor.