It seems Pooh Shiesty’s legal team is playing chess not checkers. He has plead guilty to a firearms conspiracy to avoid any possibility of getting served a life sentence.

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Jason Kidd‘s head coaching career just caught a speed bump. The NBA announced today that the retired NBA point guard will have to sit out two games as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets after pleading guilty to drunk driving.


Weeks after a judge entered a preliminary plea on his behalf, James Holmes pled guilty to charges stemming from opening fire inside a movie theater. Attorneys for Holmes entered the plea in a Colorado courtroom Wednesday (March 27), in hopes that he will avoid the death penalty .

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You’d be hard pressed to find another area of the country more loyal to Jesse Jackson Jr. than Chicago. The city has been in his corner for over a decade, but with his recent admission to misappropriating funds, came a breaking point.

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Lauryn Hill has entered a guilty plea Friday (June 29) on charges that she failed to file taxes for three years, beginning in 2005. The mother of six, told the judge that she “intentionally and willingly” chose not to handle her tax debt, and  faces three years in prison for the charges. Earlier in the […]