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Weeks after a judge entered a preliminary plea on his behalf, James Holmes pled guilty to charges stemming from opening fire inside a movie theater. Attorneys for Holmes entered the plea in a Colorado courtroom Wednesday (March 27), in hopes that he will avoid the death penalty .

Holmes faces several murder counts for opening fire on patrons during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in an Aurora, Colo. theater.

“Prior to arraignment, Mr. Holmes made an offer to the prosecution to resolve this case by pleading guilty and spending the rest of his life in prison without any opportunity for parole,” his attorney wrote in the filing. “It appears the only impediment to a resolution of this case would be if the prosecution chooses to seek the death penalty.”

Prosecutors have not yet filed a response, but court proceedings could be settled as quickly as April 1, if the plea is accepted.

“Mr. Holmes is currently willing to resolve the case to bring the proceedings to a speedy and definite conclusions,” the attorney added.

Holmes stands accused of killing a dozen people, and wounding more than 50. His trial date is set for Aug. 5.

Photo: CBS News