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Ludacris promised a crazy video for his new single, “Jingalin” and he pretty much delivered. Directed by Aristotle, this video is about a party that goes horribly wrong for all of the right reasons. Let’s see if we can keep up with all of the wildness in this video. We’ve got little person security guards, […]

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Ludacris’ Ludaversal album is about to be in full swing and he’s ready to let loose the video for his single “Jingalin.” Judging from the photos courtesy of BAM, it looks like Luda is getting his inspiration from Project X or something. Oompaloompas, flame throwers, hot chicks in bikinis, jello, grandmas and more occupy Luda’s set that looks like an […]

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Ludacris and his lovely (and highly ranked) woman show off the fruits of his labor in this new video for his “Cashin’ Out” freestyle. After he pushes his ridiculous whip over to the strip club, he proceeds to make it tsunami in the club to his new single “Jingalin.” Got to love the relationship Luda […]

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At the top of the year, Ludacris announced the release of his Ludaversal album, and even without a confirmed release date, the Atlanta rapper is keeping good on his promise. For his latest single, “Jingalin,” the three-time Grammy winner samples LL Cool J’s classic “Jingling Baby.” The track—produced by Da Internz— is tailor-made for the strip […]