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TMZ is exclusively reporting that Osteen will be holding a big Easter Sunday event to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and reportedly his buddy Kanye West, Tyler Perry, and Mariah Carey are on-board with the idea.

Kanye West reportedly has big plans for 2020. The “saved” rapper is allegedly taking is his Sunday Service globally.

Only time will tell how serious and sincere Kanye West is about his new “born again” wave. At least for now, word is that Yeezy may be taking his “Sunday Service” concerts on the road with Joel Osteen.

Kanye West and mega-church pastor Joel Osteen are teaming back up, but this time they are headed to Yankee Stadium.

Kanye West and his Sunday Service has attracted a new audience and he wants the next event to be held at his establishment.

Kanye West has been going hard for his Christian faith just as much as he’s been diving back into his love of all things President Donald Trump. The Chicago superstar is taking his MAGA tap dance routine on the road to Houston and will appear at Joel Osteen’s church this coming Sunday.

Maybe Kanye West is planning on hitting all the houses of worship? Megachurch pastor and televangelists Joel Osteen has reportedly invited Yeezy to his church’s Sunday Service.

After Joel Osteen's megachurch was in the crosshairs of folks for not aiding Houston residents affected by Harvey, Twiter users fired off heavy criticism.

Joel Osteen's massive megachurch in Houston, Texas was accused of freezing out victims of Harvey and local floods, but officials are denying reports.