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Joel Osteen, the big-toothed leader of Houston’s Lakewood Church, has sent out his PR squad to handle the media mess related to his sprawling facility remaining closed to Hurricane Harvey victims displaced by floods. After claims that the church was inaccessible were debunked and Lakewood officials feigning difficulty, Twitter unleashed Biblical slander on Osteen and his establishment.

First, check out TMZ getting to the bottom of the so-called difficulty of getting to Lakewood Church:

We spoke to someone at the DoubleTree Hotel in Houston — directly across the highway from Lakewood Church — and we’re told it was half full last Thursday when Harvey started barreling toward H-Town. When Harvey was doing his worst on Saturday, the hotel had swollen to 100% capacity … 388 rooms booked.

We’re told nearby residents easily drove to the DoubleTree through Saturday night. As we reported, Lakewood shut out evacuees, and church officials claimed it was simply inaccessible due to flooded roads.

So as noted, the church opened its doors on Tuesday, most likely due to the pressure from the public that the building, which holds 16,000, claimed flooding and other issues as a reason it couldn’t be more accommodating. Considering that Osteen lives in a massive mansion while his flock and residents in the city are struggling to maintain, it’s easy to see why the reaction has been so intense.

Check out some of the unholy slander Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church has endured over the days below and on the following pages.


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