No, you were not bugging; that was an earthquake you felt this morning.


Here we go again, another water crisis in the "greatest country world" that will affect Black Americans primarily.

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Dashai Morton, an elementary school student from Forestville, MD, collected 500 cases of waters for her 12th birthday to send to Puerto Rico.

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Jay-Z has already announced efforts for Hurricane Maria relief in Puerto Rico and is now opening his 40/40 Club in Manhattan to collect supplies.


After Joel Osteen's megachurch was in the crosshairs of folks for not aiding Houston residents affected by Harvey, Twiter users fired off heavy criticism.

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Drake took to Instagram while in London on Monday to address the victims of Hurricane Harvey, announcing an upcoming relief effort of his doing.


Joel Osteen's massive megachurch in Houston, Texas was accused of freezing out victims of Harvey and local floods, but officials are denying reports.


Tropical Storm Harvey, a powerful storm that has ravaged several parts of Southern Texas, most especially Houston, has displaced over 30,000 citizens as it raged on over the weekend. The state is reporting that several people have died as well with rains expected to continue into Monday according to reports.

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A large earthquake has rocked the country of Ecuador on Saturday (Apr. 16), leaving at least 235 reported dead thus far and over 1,500 others injured. It was the strongest quake to hit the South American nation since 1979 according to developing reports.


The Nepal earthquake aftermath continues to mount, this after officials in the South Asian nation now report that more than 4,000 people have perished in its wake. Earlier reports offered a lower death toll, but figures of the dead and injured are expected to continue rising in coming days.


Over the weekend, Haiti marked a dismal anniversary. Three years ago on January 12, the small country, known as the La Perle des Antilles (the pearl of the Caribbean) was ravaged by a catastrophic earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale.


Despite being downgraded from a hurricane Monday (Oct. 29), Sandy still packed a punch once she made land fall. The storm slammed the Northeast, leaving  many without electricity, and flooding areas throughout.