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Despite being downgraded from a hurricane Monday (Oct. 29), Sandy still packed a punch once she made land fall. The storm slammed the Northeast, leaving  many without electricity, and flooding areas throughout.

An estimated 60 million people were to be hit by the slow moving storm, which hit the Jersey Shore, causing tons of water to spill into New York City, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts and beyond. As many as 10 deaths as a result of Sandy were reported in the aforementioned states, plus Maryland and Pennsylvania. “Part of the challenge for us has been to strike an appropriate balance between nonchalance and utter horror and fear,” said Philadelphia mayor, Mayor Michael Nutter. “All we can stress is, it’s going to get progressively worse.”

Late Monday, New York City’s estimated the clean-up efforts running in the tens of billions. “I think it is disproportionate going into the public sector side,” said Charles Watson, research and development at director Kinetic Analysis Corp in Maryland.

Without further inspection, the country’s busiest city has yet to release official figures. But given the shut down of the MTA public transportation service, and flooding all across the city, including Penn Station—not to mention a blown up power station and hospital back up power generators conking out—the Big Apple will be left with a hefty clean-up bill.

Pegged as the most catastrophic storm to hit the Northeast since the Long Island Hurricane of 1938, Sandy’s spanned 900 miles, and made landfall at around 8 p.m. in the evening.

Hours before the storm even hit 2 million people were without electricity, the brunt of which occurred in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Check out photos of Sandy’s wake in the gallery.


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Photos: AP/Getty/Boston Globe/Intagram/DNAInfo/TheBlaze

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