Andre Reed, 29, and Reginald Miles, 31, performed at the Off The Hook Lounge on July 24.


All signs are pointing to Rona extending her stay in America and some organizations are taking heed. One of the premier collegiate institutions is bowing out of this year’s pigskin wars.


The sprawling Connecticut estate of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has been on the market for 12 years according to accounts. Now, the mogul and rapper can finally put the business behind him as the home was sold, although it came at a massive financial loss.

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50 Cent has finally sold his Connecticut mega-mansion and it only took him about 10 years. The new sprawling estate, formerly owned by Mike Tyson, will be turned into living facility for the elderly.


A White North Carolina woman was arrested last week and charged with several crimes after she walked around a Connecticut neighborhood pointing a realistic-looking BB gun at civilians and police officers. Elaine Rothenberg ended her bizarre act by aiming at officers and yelling “boom boom boom” at them before throwing the fake firearm down.

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The U.S. Capital shooting incident in Washington, D.C. Thursday (Oct. 3) afternoon put the city back under a veil of terror, just weeks after Aaron Alexis wreaked havoc at the Washington Navy Yard. As authorities scramble to reclaim calm, details are emerging about the 34-year-old Stamford, Conn. woman who was shot and killed by after […]

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A complaint brought against the Hartford, Conn. school system alleges that instructors on a field trip asked Black students to reenact a moment of slavery last fall, complete with heavy usage of the n-word. A parent of a former female student at the Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy filed the complaint back in March, but now the […]

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Being a parent means sometimes making tough decisions. Which is why a bus-riding mother in Connecticut found herself between a fight, and a hard place, when she had to throw her baby at a random stranger to deliver the fade.


An elderly Connecticut man let his ax do the talking, after he was kicked out of a local Dunkin’ Donuts location. Wilfred Levine was booted from the establishment Wednesday (March 6), for being drunk and loitering, only to return to seek vengeance. 

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President Obama has heard the public’s cries over the lack of attention he’s paid to the gun violence in Chicago and finally returned home Friday (Feb. 15). Speaking at the Hyde Park Academy, the commander in chief stood on the platform of stricter gun laws, and the banning of high magazine rifles, but pointed out […]


A Connecticut woman was arrested for pulling out a loaded gun at Chuck E. Cheese, Monday (Feb. 4). Tawana Bourne was arguing with another parent when she showed her weapon.

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Parents and family members of thoes killed in the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary gave emotional testimony Wednesday (Jan. 30), urging lawmakers to do something about gun control. During the hearing, held at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, Conn., family members called for the banning of assault rifles, and stricter screening practices.