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Being a parent means sometimes making tough decisions. Which is why a bus-riding mother in Connecticut found herself between a fight, and a hard place, when she had to throw her baby at a random stranger to deliver the fade.

In the video, the mom and another bus rider argue back and forth with one another. According to reports, the mother got into it with the passenger because she was talking bad about her baby.  “I will thrash you on this bus,” the woman yells. “Somebody grab my baby!”

Defending her infant’s honor was harder than the dutiful mom anticipated because despite her  yelling, the baby continues to sit on her lap (probably because she can’t walk) and no one offers to take the child. As her opponent continues to antagonize,  the woman chucks her baby across the bus and into the lap of another passenger, so she can kick some a**.

Mom of the year huh?

Pee the video below.

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