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A White North Carolina woman was arrested last week and charged with several crimes after she walked around a Connecticut neighborhood pointing a realistic-looking BB gun at civilians and police officers. Elaine Rothenberg ended her bizarre act by aiming at officers and yelling “boom boom boom” at them before throwing the fake firearm down.

WFSB reports:

Torrington Police arrested a North Carolina woman after she was seen walking around the department with a hand gun.

Police said several 911 calls were received stating a white female was in front of the police department with a gun. The woman was later identified as Elaine Rothenberg, 66 of North Carolina. Police said Rothenberg stays at 257 Cliffside Drive in Torrington for a few weeks each year.

According to police, Two civilians were accosted by Rothenberg who pointed the gun at them asking if they were cops. The two people were able to get away without any injury or incident.

Rothenberg then took a position in front of a doorway where police enter and exit (employee only doorway) which is used for officers to get to their police cruisers and stood with the handgun raised and in a shooting stance.

Officers were immediately alerted of the heightened threat and police made contact with Rothenberg. Rothenberg yelled about hating the cops and stated “what are you doing, shoot me!” and “what are you scared?”

She raised the gun and pointed it at officers yelling “boom boom boom.”

There was a reported standoff between the officers and Rothenberg which ended when she threw down the BB gun and the police swooped in to arrest her without further incident.

Rothenberg faced charges of second-degree breach of peace, first-degree threatening, seven counts of reckless endangerment and interfering with police.

She is being held in jail on a police-set bond.

Photo: Torrington Police Department