Live Nation and Dreamville announced that J. Cole and Usher will be headlining the Dreamville Festival 2023, with Drake as a special guest.

Dreamville Festival, created by Dreamville Records boss J. Cole, returns to his native North Carolina in April 2023.

A Columbus County, North Carolina, sheriff—who was caught on tape saying he’s “sick of these Black bastards,” in reference to Black law enforcement officials (among a slew of other blatantly racist statements)—resigned from his job during a hearing that would have decided whether he was going to get the boot anyway.

Was the new boss really that bad? An entire North Carolina police department handed in their resignations, citing a “hostile environment” after a new town manager was hired.

After 12 months of incidents and controversy DaBaby is finally getting some good news. He will not have to face charges for shooting an intruder at his home.

What is it about schools, white people and slavery reenactments? One would think that all the news stories about students getting in trouble for their Snapchat slavery auctions and racist prom-posals—or teachers getting fired or suspended for slavery activities—would deter all of these people and their return-to-Roots wet dreams from continuing to trivialize chattel slavery […]

The Tar Heel State may have to cut a check for fronting on Hip-Hop. A promoter has hit the City Of Winston-Salem with a lawsuit after officials cancelled a concert that they deemed may come with violence.

The Charlotte, NC festival celebrates Black culture as white allyship declines one year after BLM protests.

Councilman Gabriel Adkins says he caught an officer on surveillance cameras urinating outside his funeral home property after speaking out about the death of Andrew Brown Jr.

Alexander Hillel Treisman was arrested last May but authorities have recently shared details of the 19-year-old's nefarious plans.


The officers in question didn't deny that it was their voices on the footage but denied being racists and blamed the comments on the stress of the George Floyd protests. Sure, guy.

Pastor Brian Carn of Charlotte presided over Easter Service at Kingdom City Church while stating he was suffering from COVID-19 symptoms.