Ever since walking into the spotlight, Jojo, Angela and Vanessa Simmons have seen their celebrity and popularity steadily grow without even having to drop any kind of sex tapes (props).

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First and foremost, let’s not let these shenanigans end with someone getting seriously hurt. Over the weekend, JoJo Simmons became the topic of conversation for all the wrong reasons when an image of him getting yoked up by Skull Gang member Hynief made it onto the Internets. Now, Hynief is explaining his side of story.

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We got a feeling JoJo Simmons doesn’t have a publicist, or at least doesn’t listen to him or her. Reverend Run’s oldest son recently got hemmed up by some Juelz Santana affiliated goons in Queens. Now, JoJo has commented on the incident, sort of.

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You are now about to bare witness to some struggle bars of epic proportions. 

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Every father (notice we said “father”) wants to be a good example to their children. But when you’re a rapper who promotes violence, misogyny and bucking the system on a daily basis, sometimes balancing being a shining example to your chirren and being a good entertainer can get tricky. Often times a rapper’s bad habits can […]