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First and foremost, let’s not let these shenanigans end with someone getting seriously hurt. Over the weekend, JoJo Simmons became the topic of conversation for all the wrong reasons when an image of him getting yoked up by Skull Gang member Hynief made it onto the Internets. Now, Hynief is explaining his side of story.

Earlier this week, Simmons commented on the incident on video, forgoing any talk of retaliation to say, “All I been around is money all my life. I aint’ been around that thug or that gun sh-t all my life, that’s not what I do. What I do is I count money, and I f-ck b-tches, and I travel the world, and that’s what I do. I’m not on that violent sh-t.”

True indeed.

We’ll keep the gist of this tomfoolery to a limit by giving you a quick run down of Hynief’s commentary.

Yes, he is down with Skull Gang but he is also “doing his own thing,” which is a mixtape called No Favors, coming soon. 

As he stated on Instagram, Hynief gives no f-cks who JoJo’s daddy or uncle and also doesn’t care about getting blackballed by the music industry. 

Juelz didn’t sanction JoJo getting run up on, Hynief says he just reacted. 

Hynief says he didn’t punch JoJo, but he did “rough the lil ni–a up a little bit.”

He does not consider himself Juelz Santana’s “goon.” Juelz is his “brother.”

Apparently, Hynief called Juelz while simultaneously having JoJo in a headlock. 

Hynief and the dudes with him in the video (the Money Island Mafia), who look like they are about that life, give no f-cks about what the Crips were saying in JoJo’s video.

Also worth noting, we still don’t know who JoJo was calling.

Watch the full video below.

Photo: YouTube