The Juice Crew will be ending 2016 on a high note as every member will take part in reunion shows in New York City and New Jersey.

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Founded by New York producer Marley Marl and late radio personality DJ Mr. Magic in Queens, the Juice Crew featured some of the most influential MC’s of Hip-Hop’s “Golden Age” of the 1980s.

“2009 Obituary” Looking into an endless future and possibilities that are beyond the sky’s reach, it is necessary to take a glance back at what was and what has been lost in the journey. For Papoose, the glimpse back has provided a chance to see all of those that have fallen in 2009 can pay […]

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Atlanta is abuzz this weekend with the booming AC3 Hip-Hop Festival. The fest brings out some of the most eclectic artists from across the country to showcase their talent in producing, rhyming and battling. Hallmarked in Atlanta, this year the event is taking over the East Atlanta Village. The two day, three night fest incorporates […]