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One week after he and Mitt Romney lost the presidential election, Paul Ryan has figured out what led to the defeat. President Obama was named the winner after passing the 270 electoral votes needed to become commander in chief, but Ryan sees the popular vote as the real election surprise.“I think the surprise was some […]

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As the week comes to a close Mitt Romney is probably breathing a heavy sigh of relief, because he doesn’t have to do the political dance only to lose (another) bid for president. Over the last year, Romney went from not being favored by his own party, to the front-runner to bring the presidency back […]

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Don’t tell Rush Limbaugh, but President Obama is still on Chris Christie’s good side. The New Jersey governor placed a phone call congratulating the president on his re-election, but the most awkward part is all Mitt Romney got was an email.

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Karl Rove is slowly but surely losing his damn mind. The GOP political strategist who did a fine job of helping George W.  Bush get elected twice clearly just can’t fathom that Barack Obama was actually elected to a second term. Now he has gone as far as to say that the POTUS used a […]


Right leaning pundits across the nation are sick this morning, but especially those affiliated with FOX News. Last night, when word came down that Barack Obama had the 270 electoral college votes necessary to remain President of the United States, the struggle faces donned by FOX analysts was pure comedic gold. 

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Judging by the reactions on live television and social media sites, about the only person able to swallow the pill of partisan defeat Tuesday (Nov. 6) night was Mitt Romney. The Republican presidential hopeful took his time conceding a loss to President Obama but once he accepted reality, he made his departure without so much […]