Anyone who has seen Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV—a documentary chronicling the abusive, exploitive and egregiously dangerous conditions under which employees and child actors at Nickelodeon worked under the leadership of showrunner Dan Schneider—knows that during a period that began in the late ’90s, Nickelodeon Studios was portrayed as a cesspool […]


For example, Thompson doesn't advise that people brush their teeth while taking a shower because, as he told Clarkson, it's "gross."


The first look at the long-awaited (and possibly too late) sequel, Good Burger 2, has arrived.


Kenan Thompson can now add hosting the Emmys to his long-growing list of career accomplishments.


Is 90’s surprise hit Good Burger about to get a long-awaited sequel? Not necessarily but apparently the possibility remains alive and well.

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Kenan Thompson got up close and personal with beleaguered entertainer Bill Cosby on the set of the 2004 remake of Fat Albert. The Saturday Night Live cast member sat down with Late Night with Seth Meyers where he shared a story of when Cosby gave him some rather creepy advice on how to handle groupies.

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Jimmy Fallon is definitely eating this week and he invited all his 80s babies viewers for a late night snack at Good Burger. Yes, that Good Burger.


There has been a curious lack of black comediennes on the long-running late evening sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live. After some mild controversy sparked by comments from troupe members Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah, the show’s creator says signing black actresses is something that will occur in the future.

SNL Herman Cain Spoof SNL sparred no laughs as Herman Cain suspended his presedential campaign run this weekend after being bombarded with sexual  misconduct allegations.  Kenan Thompson is hilarious…