Earlier this month, a tornado swept through Bowling Green, Kentucky, killing more than 70 people. Decent people saw it as a terrible tragedy while unfortunately, others appear to have seen it as a green light for crimes of opportunity.

In hard-hit Kentucky, one man, Jim Finch, is being hailed for stepping up in a major way to aid families during this tough time.

The incident left one person dead and another injured after an apparent argument took place inside the establishment.

It's been one year since the nation learned of the horrific details of Breonna Taylor's death. While the nation rallies together in remembrance of her loss, her family continues to demand justice for their loss. We list what has happened in her case over the year.

According to published reports, Daniel Cameron and his office now have a full report about the guns and shots fired in Breonna Taylor’s apartment on that dreadful night, but according to Cameron, the new information still leaves the case inconclusive.

According to published reports, Almost two weeks after Oprah purchased the billboards advocating for her murderers to be charged and arrested, a red splatter of paint the size of a ball appeared in the middle of her forehead on a billboard in Louisville’s Irish Hill neighborhood.

City officials in Louisville have unanimously passed Breonna’s Law that severely limits and monitors no-knock warrants in the city. According to local news station, WAVE3, the new law includes a rule about body cameras that states all officers must be wearing them and must activate them at least five minutes before any warrant is executed, noting that the videos from all warrants executed will be held for at least five years.

A Kentucky community is left looking for answers two months after police shoot and kill a Black woman in her home.

The economic downturn is hitting millions very hard. Even Tupac Shakur filed for unemployment, in Kentucky.

Is Kentucky trying to rival Florida when it comes to all-out f*ckery? For your consideration, a woman shot up a KFC drive-thru because they forgot to give her a knife and fork.

New developments have surfaced in the case of a shooting at a Kentucky Kroger supermarket that left two people dead and the arrest of the gunman, Gregory Bush. The victims were recently identified as a Black man and a Black woman, adding weight to a suspicion that the killing was racially motivated.

Two people are dead and a suspect is in custody after a gunman opened fired at a Kentucky Kroger supermarket in a town just outside of the city of Louisville. The son of the bystander said his father, who was armed, confronted the gunman who reportedly said “whites don’t kill whites” to the man before […]