It’s been more than a half a century in the making but on Wednesday night’s episode of Drop The Mic it finally happened: Kermit the Frog battled Miss Piggy for puppet rap supremacy and it turned out just about how you’d think it would: Kermit got sonned.


Missy Piggy owes Good Morning America the proper fade. In a tweet asking for reactions about the best memes on the Internet, GMA referred to Kermit The Frog as Tea Lizard, actually #TeaLizard. 


The Internet was going nuts when word got out that Kermit The Frog had dumped Miss Piggy to link up with a new pork chop named Denise. Nevertheless, Kermit and Piggy went to lunch, and the latter proceeded to act up. 

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Kermit The Frog’s mentions were on fire yesterday when he was spotted with some new pork on his fork named Denise. However, Kermit has issued a statement that says he and the new piglet are just “close friends.” 

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Twitter can be a foul and noxious, though at times quite comedic, place. Case in point, news of Kermit The Frog moving on from Miss Piggy with a new woman/piglet named Denise has already been flipped into memes.