Kevin Hart is back to becoming a visible figure once more, this after he survived a horrific car accident back in September. Emerging slowly back to public life, the actor and comedian shared a touching video revealing how the crash changed his outlook on life.

Kevin Hart’s road to recovery seems to be moving along quite nicely. He has finally resurfaced after his serious injuries.

Kevin Hart, who is still in recovery after the accident that left him and his driver seriously injured, is now having to contend with the legal ramifications of the wreck. According to sources, it appears that the driver and Hart’s trainer are gearing up to sue the actor and comedian for not properly outfitting the […]

Kevin Hart is being sued by Montia Sabbag, the woman in the sex tape he has always maintained he knew nothing about when it was created. For a while she agreed that he too was a victim, but now she’s coming for his coins.

Kevin Hart was involved in a horrific car accident over a week ago as a passenger in one of his vintage rides, suffering severe back injuries. The actor and comedian, who was reported to be walking about but in pain, has been released from the hospital and will enter a rehab facility.

Lil Nas X had the Internet rallying around him after a recent appearance on HBO’s The Shop alongside Kevin Hart, which some fans felt was the comedian trying to question X on his sexuality. According to the “Old Town Road” star, he says there’s no issue between him and Hart and even if there were […]

Kevin Hart has a long road of recovery ahead of him. The actor and comedian is walking again after suffering sever back injuries in a car crash, but he is in excruciating pain.

Lil Nas X might have emerged as 2019’s biggest new star, and he’s also managed to become an important figure within the LGBTQ community as well. During an episode of HBO’s The Shop: Uninterrupted, X found himself explaining his decision to come out as gay while gracefully handling comedian Kevin Hart’s assumed exasperation.

Kevin Hart was involved in a terrible car wreck over the weekend and it is truly miraculous that he and his fellow passengers survived judging by the images that have surfaced. The comedian and actor underwent surgery to address his back injuries, and is expected to make a full recovery but is looking at plenty […]

News surfaced over the weekend that Kevin Hart suffered a major back injury after being involved in a crash where he was the passenger. It has since come out that the popular actor and comedian is expected to make a full recovery.

Kevin Hart has been ordered by a judge to pay his former business partners just over $700,000 after they claim he failed to pay a commission cost for brokering a 2015 deal. The actor and comedian has been haggling over this case with the company for two years, even countersuing after claiming they used his […]

Snapchat, despite taking a hit in popularity due to self-inflicted wounds, saw a bump in users spending more time watching shows on the social media platform. Looking to take full advantage of that, the company announced Wednesday (July 10) Creator Shows which will feature original content from some of its most popular users.