According to her announcement, Bardi and her famous family will be making an appearance on Nickelodeon's 'Baby Shark: Big Show' series. Cardi B will make an appearance as the animated character “Sharki B,

While the internet remains undefeated some folks need to learn respect and common courtesy. Cardi B has locked her daughter’s Instagram page after finding some very offensive responses in the comments section.

Cardi B has proven that there is no limit when it comes to her loved ones. Earlier this week she spent someone's yearly salary on Kulture during a shopping spree.

Cardi B is learning that parenthood is something that you can’t really prepare for. One cartoon is making a serious dent in her daughter’s shoe budget.

You can’t make everyone happy so you might as stay focused on yourself. Cardi B was recently reminded of this old adage for the umpteenth time.

Cardi B and Offset have definitely proved that love conquers all, as the dynamic duo celebrated their second wedding anniversary over the weekend. On Friday (Sept. 20), Cardi took to her Instagram to show love to her adoring husband, while dropping some wisdom along the way.