PnB Rock was shot and killed inside a Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in South Los Angeles while dining out with his girlfriend.

Details of an alleged 2005 incident sparked an investigation into the matter by the LAPD after an unidentified woman spoke with the authorities.

Antone Austin was taking out the trash of his apartment when the cops rolled up on him and forcibly arrested him without proper cause.


While they first said he was armed with a gun during the encounter, they now say he was unarmed as he dropped the gun and ran before being killed by officers in the street. Who knows what they'll say next time they try to justify their excessive use of deadly force. Don't be surprised when they pull out his "rap sheet" and paint him as a menace to society.

The SNL star shared a video of the incident, which took place back in February, as part of a larger message regarding police and their brutal treatment of Black people.

Offset got yet another reminder that despite his celebrity status he is still considered a threat by the law. He had a tense encounter with LA’s finest.

As suspected there are several layers to yet to be peeled on Nipsey Hussle’s murder. The law has confirmed they were keeping tabs on his movements prior to his death.

The world is still grieving the tragic loss of the philanthropist/entrepreneur/rapper Nipsey Hussle since he was murdered back on March 31. While fans from all over are still screaming “The Marathon Continues,” the LAPD is reportedly following that with the investigation still continues.

A community in South Los Angeles is gathered in outrage after new details continue to develop regarding the shooting of an unarmed Black father of three earlier in the month. Ryan Twyman was sitting inside a vehicle on June 6 when LAPD officers approached and began firing over 30 rounds according to witness accounts.

The manhunt for the chief suspect in the murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle has been caught. Eric Holder, a reported gang member, was caught Tuesday afternoon (April 2) in Los Angeles and promptly arrested.

Anthony Anderson was placed under criminal investigation by the LAPD Friday (July 21) after a woman claimed the actor assaulted her at an event. The woman, who worked as a caterer for Anderson, filed a police report earlier this year and Anderson’s legal team are calling the claims baseless.

Kid Cali, a rapper well known on Los Angeles underground Hip-Hop circuit, was shot and killed at a San Fernando Valley pool party in August. Over the weekend, the LAPD located and arrested the suspect connected to Kid Cali’s murder.