Wack 100 continues to get under Hip-Hop’s skin. His newest critic is J. Prince who claims he is thwarting his attempts to free Larry Hoover. 

It seems that the misunderstanding between Drake and Kanye West might still be a thing. Amazon has released the footage from their joint Larry Hoover benefit and Champagne Papi is barely in it.


Kanye West and Drake held a whole concert, that streamed on Amazon, in support of Larry Hoover. Needless to say, the Fed ain't feeling two A-list rappers supporting the founder of the Gangster Disciples, who is serving six life sentences, by the way.

The live stream event took place in the wee hours of Friday morning (Dec. 10),  and Twitter has chimed in with its thoughts on the whole affair.

According to reports, resale ticket prices for the concert set to occur at the Los Angeles Forum on December 9th have reached the healthy price tag of more than $7500 on Ticketmaster


While Kanye and Drake seem to be on better terms, no word on whether or not Pusha and Drizzy have squashed their problems too.


The efforts to get the leader of the Gangster Disciples Nation free have gotten some help thanks to his son, Larry Hoover Jr., and J.Prince, who brokered a truce between Drake and Kanye West. Both rappers plan to perform at a benefit concert for him in Los Angeles on December 9th.

Shortly after making an appeal to squash beef with Drake alongside J Prince, Larry Hoover Jr. is asking the same of the Canadian superstar.

On Saturday (Oct 2), the Rap-A-Lot founder, Drake, and Kanye West have teamed up with a plan to finally get the 70-year-old released from prison.

Two of Chicago’s most revered figures in its horrific gunland culture are using their names in efforts to get the active gang members to ensemble a cease-fire. Larry Hoover and Abdul Malik Kabah, co-founders of the Gangster Disciples and Black P. Stones, respectively, are speaking out in the wake of Tyshawn Lee’s wake and funeral, […]