A number of Drake demo and reference tracks from over the years were leaked online over Memorial Day Weekend.


O'Ryan, the younger brother of R&B star Omarion, had a nude workout video of him leaked to the Internet and Twitter is reacting.


In a new statement, the St. Louis star apologized for the video being inadvertently leaked, but fans on Twitter think that the apology came up a little short.


The latest to have their wares go public are Nelly and Lil Fizz, but Twitter says the two gents are coming up a little short.


A series of racy video images featuring the St. Louis rapper and his girlfriend Cinnamon has hit the web, and battle rap fans are flabbergasted.


One thing that has fans buzzing is West sharing a snippet of an Andre 3000 verse over a track he produced, and fans say that Drake's Sound 42 station on SiriusXM leaked a studio version of the track on its broadcast.

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Kanye West’s Yeezus and J. Cole’s Born Sinner were the focal points of conversation in recent weeks. Then came the announcement of Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, which is an entirely different animal. Not to be denied, Wale keeps his name in the mix with a live stream of his third studio album, The Gifted, exclusively through iTunes.

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In what should be a surprise to no one, Kanye West’s highly anticipated new album, Yeezus, sprung a leak today. The 10-track project has been trending ever since it hit the Internets and the opinions have been flying all over social media.

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Last night, J. Cole held a listening session in New York City for his sophomore album, Born Sinner. Unfortunately, someone took advantage of Cole’s eagerness to present his work and leaked the album online. Rather than rage against the machine, the Roc Nation rapper has made the album available via a full stream.

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A$AP Rocky still feels a ways about that song that leaked late last week. During the red carpet prior to last night’s BET Awards, Hip-Hop Wired asked the Harlem rapper if he was cool with the Kickdrums, who he told to “SUCK MY D-ICK” via Twitter. For those unaware, the Kickdrums produced “Ridin’,” featuring Lana […]

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With the comeback season officially coming for Young Money’s Drake, it would only make sense that the Canadian rapper be given the routine treatment and face some leakage. Recently dropping the first single “Over” for his debut album Thank Me Later, the Internet has already gotten its hands on another track “Shut It Down” featuring […]


“Here I am, out of my protective external bubble, and into my own. I have made mistakes, angered some, confused others, fought guidance and embraced chaos.” While immersed in the life of entertainment, success is the finish line, but some have fallen short in their journey towards conquest.  Whatever the case may be, once down, […]