Lia Neal has earned herself a bronze medal. The 17-year-old Brooklyn native landed in third place, along with her teammates, in the women’s 4×100-meter relay race. Heading to London was a family affair for the teen. “YAY I have my fam, coach, and best fran here in LDN with me! Wont see them til after […]

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The 2012 Summer Olympics is poised to be a huge ratings grabber for NBC, but it also spotlights a bevy of Black athletes who have broken barriers in their sports. Olympic swimmer Lia Neal of Brooklyn is only 17, but she’s become the second Black woman in her field to make it to the games. […]


As Olympic swimmer Lia Neal prepares to attend the 2012 London games, the teen can rest assured that she has Brooklyn in her corner. Twelve Bar Co. is celebrating the high school student’s achievement by releasing t-shirts, donning the words “Swim Brooklyn!” in her honor. The company partnered with the USA Swimming Foundation for the products, […]

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When it comes to sports (and music, for that matter) Brooklyn has lots to cheer about. The thoroughest borough is home to the newly minted Brooklyn Nets, and now they can count swimmer Lia Neal as a hometown sports hero. The 17-year-old will carry the torch for the  BK at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, […]