Beyoncé's Act II: Cowboy Carter drops Friday (March 29) and Lyft is offering half off rides for listening parties.


Have you ever come across white people who are so racist that it blows their minds when other white people won’t put up with their racism? Such was the case for Pennsylvania Lyft driver James Bode, who kicked a bigoted bar owner out of his car after she was unable to even sit her klanny-fanny […]


Artists linking up with companies to help promote or push their albums is nothing new. Friday (July 26), Lyft announced it partnered with Chance the Rapper offering free downloads of his “debut studio album” The Big Day.


Imagine if you get picked up by Lyft and the driver is Chance The Rapper. Such was the case when the Chicago MC got behind the wheel  as “John” and spoke to riders about his love of music, taking chances and charity. 

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Chance The Rapper partnered with Lyft for a new fundraising initiative to aid Chicago Public Schools titled "New Chance: Arts & Literature Fund."