Nelly, currently on a press run for his new album M.O., visited The Breakfast Club to discuss his latest body of work. But that conversation was preceded by questions on his breakup with Ashanti, what’s new with the St. Lunatics, adapting to being old in rap years, and more.

We’ve seen a fair share of new albums in September, and with one more week to go, we’re promised a few others. Among them is Nelly‘s M.O., but before then, he debuts one last track called “IDAGF” to sink your teeth into.

Nelly will release his seventh studio album, M.O., in just 11 days time, but before then, he liberates his 2 Chainz collaboration, “100K.” This tune continues his string of less pop oriented releases outside of his most recent drops.

Nelly may have the hit record he’s been searching for with his new single “Get Like Me,” featuring Pharrell and Nicki Minaj. As a bonus, the track’s accompanying visual released last night for all to see.

Recording artists would probably agree that a track from Pharrell Williams  is a good look, just ask Nelly. Between Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” Williams is a beast on the charts right now, and Nelly might add another hit to his repertoire. 

Folks can say what they want about Nelly and his choice to make music that caters to the mainstream. Homie is eating, and he’ll do so as long as he continues to make tracks like “Hey Porsche.” The cut, which happens to be the top new entry on the Billboard Hot 100 at #42 this week, […]