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Krayzie Bone must be an avid watcher of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader because he’s the developed a harebrained scheme that just may work.

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The adventures of B.o.B found the ATLien crash landing into SXSW’s Yahoo Show this past week and he was rewarded with a fan’s trusty lighter for his trouble.

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Marijuana legalization activists will have a hard time defending the predicatment a teacher faced when three third-graders were caught smoking weed at Sonora Elementary School in northern California, yesterday March 5.


It’s Girl Scout cookies season across the nation, making fans of the sweet treats very happy and bringing in big sales for one very smart  little girl. A savvy Girl Scout had the bright idea to sell her wares outside of a medical marijuana clinic and as one can imagine, she sold a whopping 117 […]


Whether it is a bit of luck or the fact that stringent marijuana laws are crumbling like Jericho’s walls from state to state, but it appears rap’s favorite golden boy Trinidad James has gotten a free pass following his February 8 arrest in Mississippi.

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Former NFL running back and confessed pothead Ricky Williams is in the news for voicing his educated opinion on the league’s stance on player’s smoking marijuana.

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When Action Bronson announced his Blue Chips 2 Tour, partygoers, promoters and security all knew that they were signing up for a rap version of WWE. Well, if they didn’t, they know now.

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In a lengthy article published Sunday (January 19), President Barack Obama offered a controversial stance on the use of marijuana. The president said that using the green leaf isn’t anymore dangerous than drinking alcohol, which adds new fuel to the legalization debate happening nationwide.


A job flipping burgers is the perfect gig for a weed head with the munchie, but this shouldn’t be part of the plan. Last a month in Georgia, a Wendy’s employee served a burger that somehow featured a partially smoked marijuana blunt inside. 


In an elaborate undercover operation, authorities in Ohio seized nearly $4 million in marijuana shipped from medical dispensaries in California, Colorado, and Oregon. Along with the leaf itself, candies, drinks and brownies laced with the potent drug were also part of the haul.


In news that will shock no one, Chief Keef is going back to jail. The Chicago rapper, born Keith Cozart, was sentenced to 20 days in jail after testing positive for marijuana. 


A Brazilian drug trafficker was doomed by his own product. After speeding away from authorities giving chase, the unidentified man crashed into a tree and was crushed by the half ton of weed he had stowed in his SUV.