Raekwon is about to conquer more land. The Chef has been granted conditional approval to open a dispensary in Newark, New Jersey.


The first legal cannabis dispensary opens in New York City on Thursday. The Housing Works Cannabis Company, located in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan, is the first of 36 that have been approved by the state's Cannabis Control Board. As more licenses are slated to be approved, the city is aiming to crack down on illegal smoke shops and bodegas without licenses.


Xzibit just learned a big lesson when it comes to branding. His Napalm weed line is giving the Asian community some bad vibes and for good reason. 

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The state of California may not have completely solved their marijuana legalization dispute, but one of their cities is finding a loophole to help spread doobie love.

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California’s primary elections Tuesday (June 3) got a little help from the generous marijuana dispensaries of San Jose. About a dozen shops in the Silicon Valley gave out free or discounted weed to medical marijuana customers that brought in “I Voted” stickers.