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California’s primary elections Tuesday (June 3) got a little help from the generous marijuana dispensaries of San Jose. About a dozen shops in the Silicon Valley gave out free or discounted weed to medical marijuana customers that brought in “I Voted” stickers. “A lot of people don’t know about the primary elections,” said Dave Hodges of the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition. “We have some important races including the mayoral race, and we want to make sure politicians know the power of our voters.”

The “Weed for Votes” campaign came out of a brain storming session so says California Medical Marijuana Association Vice President Xak Puckett. “The great thing about San Jose is we’re pioneers for medial marijuana, and marijuana in general.”

Coincidentally, Puckett didn’t say whether anyone was high during said session, but if this new voting incentive will probably be used again — at least in San Jose.

As a whole, California clocked record low voting numbers. Preliminary reports reveal that only 3.2 million of the state’s 17.7 million registered voters in the state actually cast ballots in the primary election.


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