The first legal cannabis dispensary opens in New York City on Thursday. The Housing Works Cannabis Company, located in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan, is the first of 36 that have been approved by the state's Cannabis Control Board. As more licenses are slated to be approved, the city is aiming to crack down on illegal smoke shops and bodegas without licenses.

Snoop Dogg is dismissing claims that he smokes the equivalent of 75 to 100 blunts a day. The claim was made by a woman who professes to be his "professional blunt roller" during her interview on an Australian radio show. The rapper made an Instagram video captioned, "Stop lying" refuting her claims on Sunday.

Diddy is about the change the game again. He has just created the largest Black-owned Cannabis conglomerate in the United States.

As his fans wait for his next official album Wiz Khalifa is still catering to their needs. The Pittsburgh rapper has just dropped a new project that keeps things simple yet effective.

North Carolinian MC DaBaby has had a huge breakout year and it seems that he wants to end 2019 with an even bigger bang.

Lesson to all professional athletes; if you are going to dabble make sure you know your dosage. One NBA player is loosing a portion of his salary for doing the most.

Mike Tyson has long been retired from boxing and has since become a notable cannabis enthusiast by way of his sprawling weed farm. During a taping of his Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson podcast featuring Jim Jones, Iron Mike reveals he has iron lungs after stating that he and his team smoke about $40,000 a month […]

Fatboy SSE, a social media entertainer set to co-star in Master P‘s upcoming film, was arrested during a New Jersey traffic stop after police discovered marijuana. There were also bench warrants out for his arrest which led to the search of his vehicle.

It was a tough weekend for former NBA player Kwame Brown, this after he had a little run-in with the law. While driving in Georgia, the former number one pick was arrested for marijuana possession and had to be hauled in a special vehicle because he couldn’t fit inside the cop car.

In the wake of Sen. Kamala Harris announcing a run for president, a growing chorus of dissent has risen from both the Left and the Right. A Libertarian journalist took aim at Harris’ admittance that she smoked weed while in college and tried to blow holes in her timeline, but the presidential hopeful never said […]

NBA YoungBoy is no stranger to brushes with the law and once again, an incident in Atlanta has led to his and a female companion’s arrest. The Louisiana rapper was charged with marijuana possession and two other misdemeanor charges.