Yoruba Richen has taken on what would be an ambitious task for any filmmaker by turning her lens on examining the presence of homophobia in the Black community and marriage equality. Her latest documentary, The New Black, opened Wednesday (February 12) at the Film Forum in New York, and she spoke at length about what […]

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Today (June 26), the Supreme Court struck down a provision of the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) after years of intense protests and debates between gay rights advocates and opposing critics. The ruling essentially means that couples who live in states that have instituted same-s-x marriage laws will now have the same federal benefits as […]

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Although the recent upswing in solidarity surrounding the marriage equality debate in the Supreme Court has been mostly positive, a woman in Harlem is strongly against it. A coffee shop owner lost a customer after the owner drew a pink Human Rights Campaign logo on an erasable board. The customer later aired her disdain on social […]

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If you’ve been on Facebook this week, then you’ve noticed celebrities and regular folks changing their profile photos to red Human Rights Campaign (HRC) logos in support of marriage equality. Upping the ante a bit, singer Beyoncé Knowles took to Instagram to show who side she’s on.