Maya Moore

Moore put her WNBA career on hold to work on freeing Irons, who was serving 50 years for a crime he didn't commit.

Minnesota Lynx star Maya Moore is known for being on the front lines to fight against social injustice, so when her longtime friend was finally released from prison after being wrongfully convicted—the WNBA rejoiced. According to published reports, Jonathan Irons, who was sentenced to a 50-year prison bid for a crime he didn’t commit, was embraced by the W.N.B.A. star, who sacrificed her 2019 season, as he walked out of a Missouri penitentiary on Wednesday (Jul 1) nearly four months after a judge overturned his conviction on charges of burglary and assault.

Basketball star Maya Moore and stylist Aleali May have cooked up a women’s-exclusive Air Jordan collection that will dudes scheming on their gear. The collection includes a buttery Air Jordan X and Air Jordan 1 fitted with high fashion flourishes. 

Uncle Drew is finally back, and he is still getting buckets. The third installment of Kyrie Irving’s Pepsi Max commercials have arrived and this time it features Nate Robinson and Maya Moore as “Lights” and “Betty Lou,” respectively.