Rep. Karen Bass, elected as L.A.’s first woman mayor, vows to end homelessness in the city where more than 40,000 are unhoused.

On late Thursday night (May 6), the Democratic Mayor made the announcement that she has no plans to seek reelection as the city Mayor this year citing that while she still intends to make a difference, the next season of her life will not include being in the office of the Mayor adding that the decision was an emotional and difficult one to make

The former presidential hopeful is currently aiming his efforts as the mayor's office in New York City.

Mayor Norman, who first served in the role for the small town beginning in 1991, was just re-elected to a third term this past August.

One of the most polarizing White House officials got put in her place for talking slick. On Thursday, July 16 Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany addressed the eyesore that is the gun violence problem in Chicago. When discussing the issue she took a very clear shot at Mayor Lori Lightfoot calling her the “the derelict mayor of Chicago".

Mayor Bottoms did give praise to those who have observed the guidelines this past Memorial Day weekend.

She became the center of scandal after she lied about the sales of her self-published children's book series Healthy Holly. 

At the conclusion of Tuesday’s election (April 2) in Chicago, the city will have its first Black woman serving as mayor. Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is in a runoff against Lori Lightfoot, a lawyer who would also be Chicago’s first openly gay mayor.

In this week's election cycle across several American cities, seven of these locations elected black mayors for the first time in history.

Ben Shepard, 29, is a Chicago artist and University of Chicago graduate, who fervently believes that Kanye West should run for mayor of Chicago.

Anthony Weiner’s political hopes are on a nonstop downward spiral. Weiner has dropped to fourth place in the race for mayor of New York City. Also, his campaign manager quit.

Anthony Weiner is not only looking towards redemption, political vindication is also on the menu. The former Congressman’s career was soiled thanks to a s-xting scandal two years ago, but he’s hoping that running for mayor of New York will allot him a second chance at making a first impression.