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Rapper MC Jin Speaks At AAPI Rally Against Hate In New York City

Source: Alexi Rosenfeld / Getty

Andrew Yang is either a breath of fresh air or another person with buckets of cash but way out of their political depth. With the race for the mayoral seat of New York City heating up, Yang enlists battle rap champion MC Jin for a campaign video that made its rounds on April Fool’s Day.

MC Jin made history in the early 2000s as the first Asian American rapper to be signed to a major label deal but it didn’t lead to superstardom. However, the Miami, Fla. native stayed busy and kept pushing music, even relocating to Hong Kong for a spell before returning to America as a born-again Christian and even teasing returns to the battle rap stage.

In the brief video, Jin is seen in the clip hawking CDs in New York, not unlike the cats that used to be outside of Fat Beats and getting the cold shoulder to boot. However, the video launches into the “Yang For NY” track which features the mayoral hopeful elbow bumping while Jin breaks down some of his life’s story and campaign aims in the form of a verse.

“Everyone, white, brown, yellow and Black/ It’s time to come together, what’s ironic is that/ NY forward will bring New York Back,” Jin raps during one portion of the video.

This isn’t the first time Yang has employed the rapping services of Jin, who has already penned a number of verses and has performed at campaign rallies in the past in support of Yang’s political efforts.

Check out “Yang For NY” below.

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