It seems one of the most challenged travel brands might be able to finally get its act together. JetBlue has agreed to buy Spirit Airlines for 3.8 billion dollars.

Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri have some major collaborative hits under their belts, including the Grammy Award winning “We Belong Together,” for example. Today (Oct. 7), the music stars confirmed that they are formally joining forces with Dupri joining the former American Idol judge’s management team.

New York radio station 98.7 KISS-FM folding into WBLS seemed like a simple business transaction on paper, but it was a gut wrenching and shocking turn of events for longtime NYC music loving residents. Particularly “Urban” (read: Black) music aficionados. The long time competitors unifying is akin to UNC and Duke University, and their basketball […]

Kiss FM is no more. New York radio station 98.7 Kiss FM is the latest casualty in the struggle for radio stations to remain relevant, in the midst of so many online options taking away listeners. The New York City station announced Thursday (April 26) that it is throwing in the towel, and merging with […]