Michael J. Fox

The future was written after all. As predicted by Back To The Future 2 fans, the Nike MAG was revealed yesterday, with power laces, and Michael J. Fox showed off his fresh pair on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Michael J. Fox’s birthday is June 9. Hell, Marty McFly’s birthday is reportedly known to be June 12. Why the tenured actor who famously suffers from Parkison’s Disease is being wished a Happy Birthday across social media is anyone’s guess, but he appears to be victim of a cruel Internet hoax.

A Floyd Mayweather fight knows how the bring the party to the event outside of the boxing ring, and last night in Las Vegas, that’s exactly what happened. Celebrities from every avenue of entertainment all convened in the Sin City before and after the champion’s 42nd consecutive win after defeating Argentine fighter Marcos Maidana.