michael strahan

As the saying goes, nothing lasts forever and nothing proves that like the up and down relationships of celebrity couples preparing to wed. Recently, a bunch of high-profile engagements have been called off thus giving weight to the phrase.


Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy called off their engagement. It was the latter who cut it off, and it was because either he was caught being unfaithful or because she didn’t want to sign a prenuptial agreement; it depends on who you ask.

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy ended their long distance engagement Friday (Aug. 1). The couple has been engaged since 2009, and together since 2007.

Now that Halloween 2013 is in the books and our bags are full of treats we can’t help but to look back at this year’s costumes. While some celebrities really impressed us, others struggled with their ensembles last night and in the days shortly before.

Snopp D.O. Double G recently went in the lab with retired NFL defensive end Michael Strahan and Darryl “Chill” Mitchell to record  a new track called “Lay It On the Line” for Strahan’s and Chill’s new television series “Brothers.”  Snoop will also make a guest appearance tonight on the show as their cousin “Kenny,” a […]