Mike Milan

In recent weeks, rising MC Mike Milan released a number of tracks that displayed his range as an artist. Today, he antes up another audible blessing, but this is an EP, titled City Of Lambs, rather than a loose release.

New York newcomer Mike Milan liberated a fresh track set to appear on his YOUTH album called “Paradise.” This audible blessing is sonically more ambitious, but features the same brand of rap he’s known for.

Here’s another song from up and coming wordsmith Mike Milan. Titled “Thoughts From The Basement,” this is the New Yorker’s lyrical depiction of the things in the inner sanctum of his mind.

New York newcomer Mike Milan is steadily building a buzz for his grand moment. After a brief hiatus, he returns with a new audible treat called “Masquerade” for your listening pleasure.

While Hip-Hop purist were counting of the mecca, otherwise known as New York City, out as a noteworthy player in the game, an up and coming class of MCs have been honing their craft as artists. Among them is rising MC Mike Milan, who returns with mellow cut titled “Fly Children.”