Donald Trump had more explaining to do this week. A photo he took with an ex-mob boss has raised some questions. 

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The hopelessly devoted girlfriend of James “Whitey” Bulger was indicted  on criminal contempt charges Tuesday (Sept. 22) because she refuses to snitch on anyone who may have helped the Boston mobster stay in hiding between the mid-90s until both were arrested in 2011. Catherine Greig, 64, was sentenced eight years for her role in helping Bulger […]

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Muhammad Ali found fame early on in his legendary boxing career, besting the fearsome Sonny Liston in their first match in 1964 when he was still named Cassius Clay. Although their second fight was mired in controversy over suspicions that Liston threw the fight, the FBI suspected that their first fight was also rigged.

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While performing at Camden’s Electric Ballroom in London, a handsy fan swiped a $15,000 watch from A$AP Rocky as he was up close and personal with the crowd. Unfortunately for the thief, that only lead to him catching the attention of the A$AP Mob as Rocky, who is not known for traveling alone, released the goons […]