MoviePass is suffering an apparent slow death thanks in large part to its’ too-good-to-be-true unsustainable business model. That didn’t stop Twitter users from throwing salt in the ambitious and at times painfully cocky company’s huge wound.

Moviegoers yesterday (July 27th) trying to watch a movie utilizing their MoviePass subscription were greeted with a service outage instead. No, it wasn’t because the app was down due to a technical issue, the company just ran out of money and couldn’t afford to pay for users tickets.

MoviePass subscribers might start looking elsewhere thanks to another controversial change the company is about to introduce to its service.

Before  Fandango and, people actually called Moviefone to hear a voice read off movie times to them. Can you imagine that? Well, the popular service MoviePass just made a very bold move and purchased the ancient company for basically peanuts.

MoviePass CEO, Mitch Lowe received some scrutiny when he recently bragged about his popular APP practice of tracking customers before and after they went to the movies. To save face he has issued an apology to customers, partners, and employees about his recent actions.

Ever since MoviePass announced it’s $10 a month (right now an amazing $7.95) subscription service it’s been the talk of the town. It was such a huge success that MoviePass’s site crashed once it was announced.