Nichelle Nichols, whose role as Lt. Nyota Uhura on "Star Trek" paved the way for Black actresses and inspired many to become interested in space and science, passed away at the age of 89. Her son, Kyle Johnson, broke the news through her social media accounts on Sunday afternoon.


NASA engineer and mathematician Mary W. Jackson is finally getting her just due. On Wednesday (Jun 24) NASA announced plans to rename their headquarters located in Washington DC after the first Black female aerospace engineer Mary W. Jackson. Jackson, who was the agency's first American American female engineer in 1958, opened up opportunities for countless women of color in STEM who followed in her footsteps.


Make sure your kids, nephews, nieces and grandchildren are familiar with the name Jeanette Epps. The renowned astronaut will be first African-American on the International Space State. 

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As Beyoncé and her self-titled album continue its dominance on music charts and iPods alike, so do the critiques of her every move.


The unforgiving resale market for sneakers became a little more volatile today with a boost from the New York Daily News. Nike’s “Galaxy” Air Foamposite One escaped the sneaker blogs and landed on NYDN’s cover, applying the kiss of death to any hopes for grabbing these shoes at a reasonable resale price. Despite the $220 box […]


The popularity of sneakers goes in cycles. At one point it was all about Air Force 1s, and Air Max 95s had a good run (both still classics, in the proper color).  Right now, retro Jordans and LeBron signature models rule but another sneaker currently reigning supreme is the Nike Air Foamposite. Washington, DC and […]


Retired astronaut and Marines general Charles Bolden, 62, was confirmed by the Senate on Wednesday as the administrator of NASA as the space agency celebrates the anniversary of when man first stepped on the moon. This will also mark the first time that an African American was chief of the U.S. space agency. He will […]