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The unforgiving resale market for sneakers became a little more volatile today with a boost from the New York Daily News. Nike’s “Galaxy” Air Foamposite One escaped the sneaker blogs and landed on NYDN’s cover, applying the kiss of death to any hopes for grabbing these shoes at a reasonable resale price.

Despite the $220 box price, pre-release vultures are selling “Galaxy” Foams (see photos of the coveted sneaker here) for as much as $1,600. That price slides down after the shoe releases, but don’t expect a substantial drop. Stores that carry the shoes will be getting limited amounts of the kicks that some buyers have already started camping out for, despite not going on sale officially until Friday Feb. 24.

“They’re beyond hard to get so we took a trip to New York City,” Henry Albarez, 19, from Redding, Pa, told the Daily News.

Limited supplies with attention from mainstream media threaten to set the market at $800 or better. Never forget the “Pro Pigeon” SB Dunks in 2005. For more contemporary comparisons, expect the “Galaxy” Foams to command the same asking prices as the “South Beach” LeBron 8 or Air Yeezy. Those range from $850 to $2200, or too much damn money.

“If I get my size, I’m keeping them,” Andrew Poveda told the Daily News. “If I don’t, I’m going to sell them.”

A week of camping outside a sneaker store could earn Andrew as much as a week’s pay at $50,000 a year salary.