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The New York Daily News got right to business after Donald Trump‘s surprising Republican Iowa Caucus loss on Monday (Feb. 1) and hit the GOP presidential an unforgettable jab. The Daily News posted Trump’s image on the front page of its paper with the caption “Dead Clown Walking,” complete with a photo of the mogul in […]


Activist and New York Daily News writer, Shaun King, had his social media temporarily suspended for posting an email exchange with CNN yesterday (Nov. 4). King was asked to be on Don Lemon’s show to discuss  Quentin Tarantino’s police brutality comments, and the Illinois cop who staged his suicide to look like a homicide.


A NYPD detective has been sued 28 times since 2006, costing the city close to $1 million dollars in settlement payouts alone. An independent review of lawsuits against the city’s police force revealed that a handful of officers have been sued dozens of times, thus bringing the city’s payout to over $1 million.

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A major New York news outlet has offered a substantial reward for information leading to the arrest of vandals that defaced baseball legend Jackie Robinson‘s statue in Brooklyn. 

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Last night’s Brooklyn Nets’ overtime victory against the New York Knicks almost swept an earlier occurrence in the night under the rug. Luckily, it’s 2012 and basketball fans keep their cellular devices handy for moments like this. It all began with an halftime performance from legendary MC Slick Rick, meant to commemorate the battle of the boroughs. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so […]

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By now you should have heard about former CIA director General David Petraeus and the e-mail struggle that cause his demise. While laughing at the misfortune of others can be considered poor taste, it can lead to comedy. That is the case with the New York City newspapers that created hilarious front page headlines that […]


Actor Alec Baldwin has had a longstanding battle against the paparazzi, but he’s finally gone too far. Fed up with a New York Daily News photographer’s pursuit to snap a picture of him (and who he allegedly punched), the 30 Rock star took to Twitter to air out his grievances, comparing himself to George Zimmerman. Of […]


The unforgiving resale market for sneakers became a little more volatile today with a boost from the New York Daily News. Nike’s “Galaxy” Air Foamposite One escaped the sneaker blogs and landed on NYDN’s cover, applying the kiss of death to any hopes for grabbing these shoes at a reasonable resale price. Despite the $220 box […]

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New York police are investigating the murder of a Brooklyn rapper that had ties to rapper Fabolous. G-Baby, real name Gregory Brown, was killed March 13 as he left Amazura nightclub in Queens, New York. Fabolous, who has not been named as a suspect, had a reported beef with the rapper that was fatally shot […]