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The New York Daily News got right to business after Donald Trump‘s surprising Republican Iowa Caucus loss on Monday (Feb. 1) and hit the GOP presidential an unforgettable jab. The Daily News posted Trump’s image on the front page of its paper with the caption “Dead Clown Walking,” complete with a photo of the mogul in clown makeup.

The Daily News has been public about their disdain for Trump, this after an especially scathing cover image  depicting him touting his anti-Muslim rhetoric. For months, Trump led on every national poll and was even thought to be a shoo-in for the important Iowa Caucus but fell short for reasons that can only be attributed to strong conservative leanings in the state.

The tabloid’s latest jab at Trump most certainly won’t be its last, and continues a running theme of calling the candidate a clown and insulting his intelligence. However, it should be noted that the loss, while jarring, is a small setback and Trump could very well win over voters in New Hampshire, where the campaign trail moves to next.

For now, Trump’s rivals are certainly basking in the light of his big loss and surprisingly humble concession speech on Monday.

Photo: NNDN