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Activist and New York Daily News writer, Shaun King, had his social media temporarily suspended for posting an email exchange with CNN yesterday (Nov. 4). King was asked to be on Don Lemon’s show to discuss  Quentin Tarantino’s police brutality comments, and the Illinois cop who staged his suicide to look like a homicide.

“I will never appear on anywhere with Don for the rest of my natural life,” King wrote in an email response to CNN Tonight. “The way he handled my story was atrocious. I’ve actually opted to never appear back on CNN again.”

After he shared an image of the email exchange online, King received a message threatening to lock his Twitter and Facebook if he didn’t take the post down. He removed it, yet at least one account was locked anyway.

Facebook and Twitter haven’t confirmed what happened here but King’s account is back up — and he’s still not appearing on Lemon’s show.

Photo: FB